Welcome to my Maasai culture!

Immerse yourself in my Maasai culture by spending time in my village and with my family. We allow you to live in my small Maasai boma in Engaruka, located on the way to the remote region of Lake Natron, in its simple way.
By sharing a span of time and existence with us, you will get to know us, learn about our values, our traditional Maasai culture and our cherished traditions. This is my homeland, this is where I was born. I look forward to sharing moments of this simple life with you.

The days are marked
– of milking the cattle
– from fetching water
– from cooking,
– caring for the little ones,
– hiking with the Maasai warriors,
– herding the herds.

A unique off-the-beaten-track Experience

The spectacular scenery surrounding my village is incredible, with our mountain sacred to the gods: the Ol doinyo lengai volcano as a backdrop. From my village, it’s possible to explore this beautiful land on foot.

We’ll also visit my Maasai school, Eramatare School.

Don’t forget that my village is not a tourist spot. We will find people going about their daily lives, sometimes if we are lucky we may see ceremonies.

You will sleep in a tent near my mother’s Boma


Eramatare school

Discover our school 

The education of children is our priority, so by traveling with Eramatare-Experience you contribute to our humanitarian projects.

Safari Tours

Discover our most beautiful National Parks through our safari suggestions.

* Your safari can be fully customizable.


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