Travel with responsibility

  • When we travel to areas with no previous tourist activity, we do so humbly, engaging with the very simple way of life of the locals and making do with the related limited offerings they can provide us. We contribute to job creation and women’s empowerment through our small group travels, while maintaining the authenticity of the local people.


  • When possible, we stop at restaurants run by locals


  • During our trips we promote local initiative

Our charity projects

The profits of our travel company support our charity association “Eramatare, development organization for families in Tanzania”   especially the construction of an English Primary School for Maasai children in Engaruka and the maintenance of the running school.
Activities and successes of the association so far:

  • Construction of six school classrooms, including sanitary facilities
  • Construction of the first teachers’ quarters, including interior furnishings
  • Furnishing of three classes
  • Employment of four teachers
  • Financing of the monthly teachers’ salaries
  • Financing of a daily meal for the students
  • Start of teaching of the first preschool class in March 2022, the first English-Primary  class in January 2023
  • Tree planting campaign on the school grounds
  •  Production of school backpacks
  •  Provision of school materials
  •  Purchase of water tanks
  •  Well drilling (172m or 560 ft deep, well construction still in progress)

 In progress:

  •   Well construction for future water supply
  •   Equipment of the next classes
  •   Finished construction of the school
  •   Construction of another teacher’s dormitory
  •   Establishment of “Women for Women” workshops


Eramatare school

Discover our school

Our greatest concern is the education of Maasai children. Your trip with Eramatare-Experience supports our charity projects.


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